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PEOPLE PROJECT is serving a Winter Holiday Dinner and YOU’RE INVITED!

840 E. Street in Eureka, The Labor Temple

Monday, December 24th, at 2:30pm

We’ll watch movies too!

Buses will be running that day, so folks can come from North or South, and walk from 5th and D in Eureka.

If the bus is not an option for you (for example, you have a dog companion), then please contact peopleproject@riseup.net– we’ll figure out a ride!!

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Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community!!
PARC is a new-to-the-community office and meeting space in Old Town Eureka.

PARC is emerging as a grass-roots community workspace. PARC invites
groups and individuals who are involved or interested in community
organizing and building to have meetings, workshops, seminars, etc here.
We emphasize networking, documentation, people power, direct action, and
collective/shared knowledge- to directly support various communities and
people in struggle, resistance to oppression, self-determination, and
asserting and exercising their rights. PARC intends to host
Know-Your-Rights trainings and any other seminars/discussions that have
the potential to support, empower, and/or transform our communities in a
healthy way. At PARC, we do daily work to connect people with concrete
resources and to advocate, in various ways, for peoples’ rights.
Recently, folks used the PARC office to prepare for the Despedida
(Send-Off) for the Local Women of Color Delegation- who will be
participating in the Zapatista Encuentro de Las Mujeres in Chiapas.

As space and commons are increasingly privatized, PARC is excited to offer
meeting space for groups (preferably those that are anti-capitalist,
grass-roots, community-based, liberatory, creative, collective, actively
defending the Earth…).

PARC runs completely on donations. We are interested in doing hard work in
a grass-roots way and cultivating relations based on sharing, cooperation,
personal and community responsibility, justice, and care. So, if you are
interested in that kind of space, come check it out. Use it, share it,
donate to it, get to work!!

Contact us at PeoplesARC@gmail.com or (707)442-7465

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