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Every Tuesday and Friday from about 8am to 10:30 am, breakfast is shared, in open air, on the corner of Fairfield and Hawthorne in Eureka. That’s just up the hill from the Serenity Inn.

So far, breakfasts have included coffee, herbal teas, hot 7-grain cereal, maple syrup and sugar, fresh fruit, breakfast potatoes, fresh apple juice and apple sauce, coffee cake, lemonade… All homemade– and mostly organic.

Come check it out. Bring the kids and anyone else. Spread the word. Enjoy the morning in a COMMUNITY BREAKFAST.

Of course, as with everything People Project, there will be no money exchanged for breakfast.

And if you are interested in helping prepare or set up breakfast on Tuesdays and Fridays, or any other mornings, we have coffee makers, hot drink dispensers, bowls, mugs, and other supplies we would be happy to share.

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The Eureka Rescue Mission recently made an announcement during its nightly sermon to the men who sleep there. The Mission told the men that they will be refused a place to sleep at the Mission and will be refused food at St. Vinnie’s “free meal” if they are found sitting anywhere within a two block square radius of the Mission!

A mellow, long-time sitting place for folks is on the sidewalk, not blocking anyone’s passage, a couple of blocks from the free meal. The owner of the business there is friendly with the people who sit there, and has no problem with their presence.

What kind of god does the Mission (and St. Vinnie’s) answer to, depriving people of food or shelter, as punishment for sitting in open air?!

The Mission apparently only wants the men who stay at the shelter to hang out in “the cage” which is the Mission’s day use area. That area looks and acts, more and more, like a cage.

AGAIN! SHAME on the Mission and St. Vinnie’s

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