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Last week, Picture the Homeless organized a “sleep out” protest on 125th Street in Harlem, a powerful and dynamic event, outside the NY State Office Building. We were protesting the fact that affordable housing, as it’s currently configured, is not accessible to low-income folks – instead, it’s generally targeted at households making $30K to $80K a year. We were demanding revisions to the federal guidelines governing “affordability,” and we delivered packages to several of the state and city and federal elected officials who have office in that building, asking for a meeting.
IN ADDITION! Picture the Homeless recently completed work on a 28-minute documentary, “The People vs. Michael Bloomberg,” which documents NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s trial before “the Homeless People’s Court.”

Manhattan residents with cable can catch the film next Wednesday, October 15th, at 3:30 PM, when it airs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Tune in to channel 34!

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