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Watch THIS. Breaking down stereotypes, glimpse at the truth…

Cops Cutting up Tents in St. Petersburg Florida (It Happens EVERYWHERE!)

George Carlin on Homelessness and Golf

The Mayor of Tent City sings about Sarah Palin

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On December 23, homeless people and supporters took to the streets of Sacramento to protest oppressive laws and discrimination. Marching through the cold streets of Sacramento they demanded safe ground, the right to live without being arrested, fined, and their property being confiscated. In Sacramento there are more then twelve hundred people who go to sleep under the skies every night.

Homelessness Could Happen To You

Homelessness Could Happen To You

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If you are in the Eureka area and you know of a person or persons who need a safe place to sleep tonight, or any/every night through December 31st, please tell them they can call Verbena at PARC [Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community] at 707-442-7465 or call Squiggy at 707-498-2050.  We have organized such a space given the dangerous weather and police conditions on the street, and so grateful that we have an indoor space to share. 

If you or someone you know calls, we can give more details and also make sure that whoever needs to can get to the safe sleeping space.

Verbena is offering rides from downtown every night around 6pm through to December 31st.

Please call for directions if you want to go or help someone go. 

AND, if you are in another city/town, please remember that people can and do freeze to death in cold or wet or windy weather.. here we have all three at once. And the cops continue to harass people and ruin their gear in the rain and cold. 

Opening your home or another space is imperative.  I am so grateful that there is the above-mentioned safe space.  People with many more resources somehow just haven’t got it together.  It really can be quite simple.

Feel free to call or email if you want to talk about opening a space up yourself.  Maybe we could share ideas, concerns, experiences…

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