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Easter Seals pool is the only therapeutic warm water pool up here on the NorthCoast- it is indoors and has a wheelchair ramp. The facility also provides art, cooking, and other such classes.

The facility will be closing on April 30th if the community doesn’t keep it open.

Vector Rehab Services, with the intent of taking the facility over, investing in some construction repairs and upgrades, and continuing to maintain the pool and other therapeutic and rehabilitative resources, needs more time to complete the proposal and buying process. Easter Seals San Francisco, however, wants to sell the property off immediately to the highest bidder, threatening the communities who use it- elderly, disabled, and injured. The facility was originally donated about 60 years ago to serve these communities, and has been a unique and critical component to their health and enjoyment. The warm water pool is one of the few places where people who use wheelchairs or have difficulties with movement, many who are landlocked, chairlocked, or bedridden, can comfortably relax, move more freely, and in some cases, enjoy rare times of extended mobility. The pool is often full because it is a vital resource for the quality of life and health of so many people.

Easter Seals, headquartered in San Francisco, is telling the local community to “butt out” and “mind your own business.” Easter Seals does not care or want to hear from the affected public.

All we need is for Easter Seals to wait long enough for Vector, which wants to add a pool to its public resources, to purchase the property.

Today (Wednesday) supporters and beneficiaries of the facility protested on Edgewood Road in front of the Easter Seals Eureka. Please see the Press Release from that event at one of these links: PDF: http://www.box.net/shared/ji0t8vapdr JPEG: http://www.box.net/shared/gb0b2isxo3

Tomorrow, Thursday April 29, 11:30am to 4pm there will be a protest in front of the Humboldt Courthouse in Eureka.

We just need time, so that Vector can get all the paperwork together to buy it and keep the pool open!

Easter Seals is not supposed to be about profit and the highest bidder; Easter Seals is supposed to work in the interest of elderly, injured, and disabled people. People travel from Trinidad, Fortuna, and all over the county to get healing, freedom, and community at the Easter Seals facility. It would be a horrible loss for all of us if Easter Seals pushes for developers to move in.

Please join the PROTEST tomorrow and/or
CONTACT Easter Seals Northern California by phone at (415) 382-7450 or
Email cking@noca.easterseals.com or
WRITE a Letter to the Editor to our local papers or to the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa.

Also, as suggested in a handout from the protest today: If you drive by the pool on Edgewood Road , and you see a real estate sign (or are aware of developers looking at the property), contact them and ask them to keep “hands off” this property. Give the “save the Pool” committee a chance to submit a proposal.

Show your support for this facility to remain in the service of the people who need it.

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Community Organizer’s discussion with guest, Malik Rahim (co-founder Common Ground Collective/Relief/Health Clinics) on Friday the 30th, at the BSS Native Forum at Humboldt State University at 1:00 p.m.

Malik doesn’t make it out this way very often, especially to rural areas in the west.

His history includes organizing for peace as a veteran, fighting for justice as a Black Panther, organizing for housing rights as a community organizer, and advocating for the incarcerated both while inside, and as they transition out of the institutions. He has also ran for mayor and City Council in New Orleans.

This long list is to say nothing of his tenure as a relief organizer, or his co-founding of Common Ground Collective, Common Ground Relief, and Common Ground Health Clinics.

Malik’s famous and dignified interview with Amy Goodman that literally uncovered a man’s abandoned body in the streets of New Orleans–exposed some of the horrific scenes that African American people endured in the aftermath of Katrina, and initiated an international response to communities in the Gulf.

Click HERE to view or download the flier for Malik’s presentation at HSU, on Thursday.

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The Civil Liberties Defense Center [CLDC] Humboldt is hosting Malik Rahim on campus Thursday April 29th at 6pm in the BSS forum. Malik is a community activist and organizer, a veteran of the New Orleans Chapter of the Black Panther Party and a long-time housing and prison activist who founded the Common Ground Collective, formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to provide immediate relief and long-term solidarity to residents of the Gulf Coast. Malik will talk about his work doing prisoner rights advocacy and about how communities can organize effectively to combat the prison industrial complex.

“Confronting the Prison Industrial Complex: The Liberation Struggle Against the Modern Slave System”

*Date – Thurs. April 29th
*Time – 6 pm
*Location – Native Forum, Behavioral Sciences Studies (BSS) building 162


*Sponsored by the CLDC, Sociology Dept, HSU


Here are a few links to Malik – check em out!

‘Welcome to New Orleans’ (if you watch the first few minutes of the video, you will get a much better understanding of who he is)

Malik with King in Maine:


What he’s dealing with now:


Some of his Democracy Now! Interviews:

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Body discovered at encampment

Written by Nick Grube, The Triplicate
April 21, 2010 06:35 pm


A 50-year-old woman was found dead at a homeless encampment at the far eastern end of Fifth Street behind the Safeway grocery store Tuesday afternoon.

Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office authorities said it does not appear that foul play was involved in her death, and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Toxicology results will probably not be available for several weeks after that.

The woman’s name was not available Tuesday evening, and Sheriff’s Office Commander Tim Athey said officials are waiting to confirm whether her next of kin has been notified about her death before releasing that information.

According to Athey, the woman was found dead inside her tent by another homeless person who was living at the encampment.

Crescent City’s temperature dipped as low as 46 degrees early Tuesday morning, and a steady rain fell overnight and throughout the day.

In the past three years, at least two other homeless people have died in the wetland area behind Safeway and Ray’s Food Place near Elk Creek.

Both individuals, a 31-year-old male and 47-year-old female, appeared to have died due to exposure to the elements.

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Do you know what to do if you’re stopped by the police? Do your children? Are you tired of your rights being violated? This workshop focuses on the law “on the street” — what your rights are and how cops try to trick you out of them. We want to share strategies to survive police encounters.

Know Your Rights!

Workshop:  How To Handle Encounters with Police


at P.A.R.C. [Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community]
on Q street, take a right into the alley between 3rd and 2nd streets
in Eureka




Workshop hosted by Redwood Curtain CopWatch

For info, call (707) 633-4493

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Real Life, Take One.

Watch Costa Mantis‘ videos from Sacramento’s Safe Ground movement: http://livefromtentcity.com/blog/

Here is a link to video (by Costa Mantis) from PEOPLE PROJECT’s Safe Sleeping Space on the City Hall Parking lot (Nov, Dec 2009), raided by the City of Eureka and EPD on the 33rd night: https://peopleproject.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/we-need-some-safe-ground-in-eureka/

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First Friday Actions May 7th. and June 4th.

Dear Friends,

Two years into the “Great Recession”, nearly 30 million people are unemployed or underemployed*. As people lose their jobs they also lose their health insurance and as unemployment benefits run out, they find themselves in dire financial straits. Millions of working people have lost their homes, and tens of thousands are homeless. Basic human needs are not being meet*. We are asking groups to hold actions and educational events starting with First Friday actions on May 7th. and June 4th. 2010. Why the First Friday?

On the first Friday of each month the Labor Dept. releases the previous month’s unemployment numbers, and the issue of unemployment and joblessness gets regular attention from the news media.

We are asking groups to organize rallies, picket lines and news conferences aimed at local sites on the First Friday or Saturday or on another day during this spring. We encourage people to organize town hall meetings or teach-ins on unemployment and the economic crisis. We urge groups to brainstorm creative actions to bring attention to the unemployment crisis and the need for a significant jobs bill. We will be linking these actions to other human needs fights and specific local issues.

For Jobs and Peace Logan Martinez,

Outreach Coordinator / The National Jobs for All Coalition / Campaign to Create Living Wage Jobs for All*

937-275-7259 / loganmartinez2u@yahoo.com

*1. February’s Officially unemployed: 14.9 million (9.7%)

Hidden unemployment: 15 million, 8.8 million working part-time because can’t find a full-time job and 6.2 million people who want jobs but are not looking so are not counted in official statistics.

*2. Tens of thousands of unemployed people are running out unemployment benefits each week, even with the extended benefits. The most a worker can receive is 99 weeks and the unemployed who lost their jobs at the beginning of recession are running out now. Less than half unemployed are receiving unemployment benefits. TANF time limits, sanctions and low grants are pushing millions of American families deeper into poverty. Most states have no program to support unemployed single adults living without adequate income.

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from Redwood Curtain CopWatch


On Thursday, April 8, 2010, fifteen to twenty community members gathered in the reception area of the District Attorney’s office, fourth floor of the courthouse, to address Paul Gallegos regarding a recent incident and the systematic injustice related to that and many other instances.  As you may remember, on March 15th of this year, two people from Redwood Curtain CopWatch were arrested because Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Marsh did not want to be videotaped while he was detaining and searching a man in Eureka.

On April 6, 2010, the two of us who were arrested learned that the DA had not (yet) charged us with any crime related to our arrests.  After we were arrested and in jail, we signed Agreements to Appear in court on April 6th.  When signing an Agreement to Appear, the document informs the signer that if s/he does not appear on that date, s/he can be arrested again.

On April 6, we were not on the court schedule, which means the DA had not yet decided what charges or if he would charge us at all.

We called the DA’s office many times over a 3 week period, emailed him, and had personally delivered a letter regarding the bunk arrest and the holding of our copwatch cameras.  Because Paul Gallegos’ campaign manager received the (open) letter through an email list and contacted Paul Gallegos with concerns about our cameras, he apparently made a call to the Sheriff’s Department so that the cameras would be returned. Gallegos’ campaign manager called us at the end of the business day on Wednesday, April 7th; but when Kim Starr went down to the Sheriff’s Dept., it was too late to retrieve the cameras.

The next morning, we went and got the cameras and the video footage we had recorded with them- prior to and during our bogus arrests.  When we called the DA’s office for the umpteenth time and asked if we had been charged with anything, we were told the case was still “pending.”  Later that afternoon, 15-20 community members were at the DA’s office to insist that the DA officially decline to charge the copwatchers who had been arrested. 

Here is a link  to the flier we delivered: http://www.box.net/shared/90vvzi9osj.  The flier text is also HERE (click here).


While we were at the office from about 2pm on, we made clear that we wanted to speak to DA Paul Gallegos.  We said we wanted justice.  Gallegos never showed.  About 10 minutes before the office would close for the day, one of the DA’s investigators, James Dawson, walked through the group and, out of anger, shoved our friend’s trumpet into his lips and then laid his hands on Kim Starr.  Within about 7 minutes after the assaults by Dawson, a bunch of Sheriff’s Deputies congregated in the DA’s office and arrested each of us who were still there- five of us, and cited our friend with the trumpet.  This is how the system functions when there is abuse by state officers.  If a cop or other government agent hurts a person, that person will soon be criminalized, charged with a crime, forced to defend her/himself in court. Now it is up to the DA to decide if he will charge the six of us who were exercising our Constitutional rights to protest  (“redress grievances”) at his office.  Unfortunately, Gallegos is always willing to corroborate a cover-up for ‘his’ officers.  Let’s make sure that does not happen.

There are specific injustices that this whole situation has highlighted.  We will be talking about them, and taking action.

Targeting of CopWatch or ANYONE who stops to observe and videotape police activity.

–Deprivation of due process rights through the systematic setup of what we’re calling “floating charges”– wherein a person must sign a promise to appear on a specific date, charges are not filed by that date, and the next thing s/he knows, there is a warrant for her/his arrest! 

Filing of criminal charges against a person who has been abused by an officer BECAUSE s/he has been abused– in order to coverup for the officer’s actions and distract the person who has been mistreated by putting them on the defensive. 

-Unnecessary and violent escalation of situations by police.  “There’s no situation which the presence of an officer can’t make worse.”


**April 8th and 9th were called as West Coast Days of Action Against Police Killings and Police Brutality.  From Seattle to Los Angeles, people were participating in acts of resistance to the SYSTEM THAT SANCTIONS MURDER AND ABUSE BY THE POLICE.  We stand in solidarity with those actions.**


Below is a REPORTBACK from Kathy Anderson, one of the people arrested at the DA’s office. Video from the arrest of CopWatchers and from our action at the DA’s office coming soon. 

Here is a link (http://www.box.net/shared/mo1um8i4tm) to the letter sent today again insisting that no charges be filed against the copwatchers related to the arrests in March while we were legally observing and videotaping the cops.

Yesterday, April 8, 2010 I (Kathy Anderson) joined a group of people to talk to the DA about dropping floating charges on a couple of CopWatchers who were illegally arrested and cameras confiscated.  The cameras were returned yesterday morning but the charges have yet to be filed.
Since this was an illegal arrest all charges should have been dropped.  The DA “floats” charges to have time to gather more evidence to build up weak charges.  It could be March of 2011 before charges are filed and notice is NOT given to the now defendant, just a warrant issued and then you are surprised by a second arrest.  This is not honoring the constitutional right to a “fair and speedy trial” and I felt it necessary, in the spirit of justice to make the point that COPWATCH is an honorable service to the community and deserves respect and the assurance of protection from violent police.

After making our presence known for 2 hours an officer with the DA’s office entered the lobby, shoved a trumpet against the mouth of Carrington, leaving a welt on his upper and bottom lip and chipping his tooth, and walking up to Verbena, grabbing her wrist with his hand.  As I was taping this violent action by a “mature” and seasoned officer at one point it seemed as if he was going to attack Verbena again.  Not one person in the office came to Verbena’s or Carrington’s aid.

This pillar of society in Humboldt County, The District Attorney’s Office, has failed to train it’s employees to have self-control and treat people with dignity and respect.

There is a poster in the DA’s lobby saying that the DA’s office is committed to serving crime victims with respect and dignity, yet has failed to do so when someone is assaulted in his own office!
We made it very clear that injuries had occurred.  The DA’s office responded by arresting 5 of us, not Carrington, he was cited on the spot.

This does not come as a surprise to me.  In my lifetime I’ve seen and met people who have been horribly abused by police officers and other officers of the court.  I’ve known people who’ve been killed by police and families who have been destroyed by police who are protected by “The Blue Shield”.  It goes on and on with no end in sight and I’m not going to be quiet about this perversion of duty.

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::: SAT. APRIL 24 :::



:::WHAT::: SIDEWALKS ARE FOR PEOPLE is a monthly citywide celebration of San Francisco’s public space, its vibrant and diverse culture, and its tradition of tolerance and compassion. People from all walks of life, across the city, will be doing what they love on the city’s sidewalks: barbecues, chalk drawing, chess, yoga, reading, knitting, jumprope, playing music, painting, tea/coffee parties, sunbathing, meditating, DJing, hanging out, tai chi, hot tub parties, dancing, anything — you name it!

::: WHERE/WHEN ::: Gatherings will be happening all day in multiple locations across the city. People can post their events or find other events on the official map at www.StandAgainstSitLie.org.

::: WHY ::: The Board of Supervisors will soon be voting on a “Sit/Lie” law that would make it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk anywhere in San Francisco. We think it’s a really bad idea to criminalize the act of sitting in public space and that it’s a clear violation of our basic civil liberties. We think public spaces are safer when people are encouraged to use them to meet with neighbors, friends, family and others from the community. We like how our sidewalks reflect the diverse, vibrant culture
of our city. We believe in freedom of expression, the right to peaceably assemble, and the pursuit of happiness on our sidewalks!

We acknowledge and empathize with legitimate fears or frustrations that people encounter while sharing public space with others, but we do not believe that a sit/lie ordinance would address these fears and frustrations in a truly effective way. We are interested in participating in dialogue around real solutions they address core issues. For starters check out, A Very Different Approach to the Sit-Lie Law by Gabriel Haaland.

::: RSVP on facebook :::

Anything you want! Be creative — or not. It doesn’t matter! Just be sure to have fun on the sidewalk and invite friends, family, and neighbors to join you. Please avoid obstructing the free flow of our fellow San Franciscans! Take pictures and shoot video to document your event. Post your event on the interactive map at StandAgainstSitLie.org so that we can show that people all across our fair city love our public spaces.

We will provide you with some basic materials to hand out to curious pedestrians, along with tools to support you in orchestrating this in the most effective way. Other than that, we leave it up to you to organize the best event that you can. You can do whatever you want, but please do something!

CONTACT: info@StandAgainstStiLie.org if you have questions or would like to offer your skills and passion to help put this event together. Or call Andy at 415-533-4694.

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On Tuesday, April 6, 2010, PEOPLE PROJECT organized the 6th weekly protest to END THE WAR ON THE POOR! Here are photos from this Tuesday. The food has been great! Real cooperative effort, most weeks in the rain, but not this one! Great music and people energy, too. We’re on our way to building a powerful poor peoples’ movement in this area. And this is what the back of the small invitation handbill says:


PEOPLE PROJECT invites you to gather every Tuesday-

Dinner is shared on site at 4pm.

The war on the poor takes many forms. PEOPLE PROJECT understands that all wars are wars against the poor, the Earth, and the defenseless. The war on the poor includes lack of affordable housing, lack of access to healthcare, abuse of millions of animals in factory farms, slaughterhouses and labs, and heavy military recruitment of youth for global wars on the poor. The war on the poor includes state violence against refugees and houseless people, corporate exploitation of working people, lack of decent jobs, and the injustice of the prison industrial complex. A main focus for PEOPLE PROJECT is to stop the criminalization of houseless people. Please join us to speak out and build strength to END THE WAR ON THE POOR, however you experience it.
All photos but the last one were taken by Mark Deneen.

A Tent is Affordable Housing (if only we could put one somewhere!)

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