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Despite the ecological, social and cultural benefits community gardens produce, many such garden spaces around the United States face the threat of eviction. 

 The Henderson Community Garden, tended by about 25 Hmong families for 20 years, is located on land owned by the city of Eureka and cyclically faces the threat of being taken over by the city to be developed for other more capital intensive purposes. There are a number of community gardens that have dealt with the same threat of dispossession of the land they have been tending.  

We have recently launched a campaign to bring these communities together to find solutions through zoning changes or other creative avenues to change this pattern.  Our first event was a movie screening – of The Garden, a documentary about a similar drama that unfolded in Los Angeles on a 13-acre community farm.  We screened the movie in English, with Spanish subtitles and Hmong interpretation.  

How can you get involved???  Help us doorknock in the neighborhood; help us learn about zoning laws to figure out what we should ask for; interpret in Spanish or Hmong for our meetings; help us do outreach for the movie night. For more information call Elena 499.4659 or e-mail elenamor13@yahoo.com

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Richardson Grove Action Now invites all to a rally on Monday, February 21st, to stop the highway expansion through Richardson Grove State Park.

Expose CalTrans’ lies and misinformation campaign!

Monday’s rally will begin at NOON in the Garberville Town Square.

Bring anything you want to express yourself!

Resist Invasion!

For more info contact Richardson Grove Action Now, call
(707) 602-7551 or email rgroveactionnow@gmail.com.

Fliers and Handbills will be available Friday Feb 18, 2011!

Richardson Grove Action Now literature exposing CalTrans LIES and misinformation coming soon!

Richardson Grove Action Now pamphlet: http://www.box.net/shared/6xyyml02vu


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Easter Seals pool is the only therapeutic warm water pool up here on the NorthCoast- it is indoors and has a wheelchair ramp. The facility also provides art, cooking, and other such classes.

The facility will be closing on April 30th if the community doesn’t keep it open.

Vector Rehab Services, with the intent of taking the facility over, investing in some construction repairs and upgrades, and continuing to maintain the pool and other therapeutic and rehabilitative resources, needs more time to complete the proposal and buying process. Easter Seals San Francisco, however, wants to sell the property off immediately to the highest bidder, threatening the communities who use it- elderly, disabled, and injured. The facility was originally donated about 60 years ago to serve these communities, and has been a unique and critical component to their health and enjoyment. The warm water pool is one of the few places where people who use wheelchairs or have difficulties with movement, many who are landlocked, chairlocked, or bedridden, can comfortably relax, move more freely, and in some cases, enjoy rare times of extended mobility. The pool is often full because it is a vital resource for the quality of life and health of so many people.

Easter Seals, headquartered in San Francisco, is telling the local community to “butt out” and “mind your own business.” Easter Seals does not care or want to hear from the affected public.

All we need is for Easter Seals to wait long enough for Vector, which wants to add a pool to its public resources, to purchase the property.

Today (Wednesday) supporters and beneficiaries of the facility protested on Edgewood Road in front of the Easter Seals Eureka. Please see the Press Release from that event at one of these links: PDF: http://www.box.net/shared/ji0t8vapdr JPEG: http://www.box.net/shared/gb0b2isxo3

Tomorrow, Thursday April 29, 11:30am to 4pm there will be a protest in front of the Humboldt Courthouse in Eureka.

We just need time, so that Vector can get all the paperwork together to buy it and keep the pool open!

Easter Seals is not supposed to be about profit and the highest bidder; Easter Seals is supposed to work in the interest of elderly, injured, and disabled people. People travel from Trinidad, Fortuna, and all over the county to get healing, freedom, and community at the Easter Seals facility. It would be a horrible loss for all of us if Easter Seals pushes for developers to move in.

Please join the PROTEST tomorrow and/or
CONTACT Easter Seals Northern California by phone at (415) 382-7450 or
Email cking@noca.easterseals.com or
WRITE a Letter to the Editor to our local papers or to the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa.

Also, as suggested in a handout from the protest today: If you drive by the pool on Edgewood Road , and you see a real estate sign (or are aware of developers looking at the property), contact them and ask them to keep “hands off” this property. Give the “save the Pool” committee a chance to submit a proposal.

Show your support for this facility to remain in the service of the people who need it.

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