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First Friday Actions May 7th. and June 4th.

Dear Friends,

Two years into the “Great Recession”, nearly 30 million people are unemployed or underemployed*. As people lose their jobs they also lose their health insurance and as unemployment benefits run out, they find themselves in dire financial straits. Millions of working people have lost their homes, and tens of thousands are homeless. Basic human needs are not being meet*. We are asking groups to hold actions and educational events starting with First Friday actions on May 7th. and June 4th. 2010. Why the First Friday?

On the first Friday of each month the Labor Dept. releases the previous month’s unemployment numbers, and the issue of unemployment and joblessness gets regular attention from the news media.

We are asking groups to organize rallies, picket lines and news conferences aimed at local sites on the First Friday or Saturday or on another day during this spring. We encourage people to organize town hall meetings or teach-ins on unemployment and the economic crisis. We urge groups to brainstorm creative actions to bring attention to the unemployment crisis and the need for a significant jobs bill. We will be linking these actions to other human needs fights and specific local issues.

For Jobs and Peace Logan Martinez,

Outreach Coordinator / The National Jobs for All Coalition / Campaign to Create Living Wage Jobs for All*

937-275-7259 / loganmartinez2u@yahoo.com

*1. February’s Officially unemployed: 14.9 million (9.7%)

Hidden unemployment: 15 million, 8.8 million working part-time because can’t find a full-time job and 6.2 million people who want jobs but are not looking so are not counted in official statistics.

*2. Tens of thousands of unemployed people are running out unemployment benefits each week, even with the extended benefits. The most a worker can receive is 99 weeks and the unemployed who lost their jobs at the beginning of recession are running out now. Less than half unemployed are receiving unemployment benefits. TANF time limits, sanctions and low grants are pushing millions of American families deeper into poverty. Most states have no program to support unemployed single adults living without adequate income.

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All are invited to Anti-War Protests to


every Tuesday, in front of the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka


Dinner shared on site

For more information contact PEOPLE PROJECT:

(707) 442-7465

Gather every Tuesday to build strength with neighbors and other community
members to END the WAR ON THE POOR!

The war on the poor takes many forms. PEOPLE PROJECT understands that all wars are wars against the poor, the Earth, and the defenseless. The war on the poor includes lack of affordable housing, lack of access to healthcare, abuse of millions of animals in factory farms, slaughterhouses and labs, and heavy military recruitment of youth for global wars on the poor. The war on the poor includes state violence against refugees and houseless people, corporate exploitation of working people, lack of decent jobs, and the injustice of the prison industrial complex.

A main focus for PEOPLE PROJECT is to stop the criminalization of houseless people. Please join us to speak out and build strength to END THE ‘WAR ON THE POOR’, however you experience it.


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