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Comment from Mark

Good Morning—
I was surprised and amused to see this email. “Tell the President to do X, Y, or Z” is the rally cry of 10,000 political movements in an era when politics itself as a useful process has been co-opted. The danger of all this political faith is that it works directly against faith in SELF. Yes, every minute you spend at playing the rigged, corrupted political game is a minute of new frustration, and a minute lost to direct personal action – – the only action that will ever add beauty to your world. The political system consists of nothing but rubber handles offered to the helpless so they can play at being a part of the process. They are not. You are not. Your President and his delivery boys will spend their day meeting with rich, powerful global oligarchs and their delivery boys. Their concerns will become his concerns. He will not be reading your pleading emails for justice or fairness or even simple acknowledgment of your existence. From his bubble, he can not hear you. And doesn’t care about you.

To become free is a process of your own mind, independent of another’s actions. It depends not one iota on UN Declarations, or Mr. Obama, or Mrs. Boxer’s activities in the Senate. To be “free of” is the most important aspect of freedom. Free of depending on others you don’t really know and can’t influence. To be free of concerns you can not possibly impact in any meaningful way. To be free of the control of others who are simply using you as political canon fodder – votes to be pandered to. To be free of participating in corruption. Our political system manifests itself to common people as a gigantic illusion. Television programs and radio and newspapers and web sites all bearing political news and positions and arguments and causes and news and developments for you to get involved in – expend your energy on trying to influence. But it is all like a mere picture of candy. You can’t get satisfaction from a picture of a candy bar. It can only distract, frustrate and falsely engage you. Pick a flower. Give it to someone you love. You have just done more for the world than all the emails you will ever send to your President. Invest in reality, not illusion.

Do not wait for the authorities. It will be a very, very long wait. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval to be free. In fact, don’t wait for anyone’s approval to do what is right, what is good, what is healthy. You are free to take direct personal action – now! Today, no waiting required. No new law needed, no old law needs to be repealed. Only YOU can take matters into your own hands. Every power you ever dreamed of is fully available to you right now.

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