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November’s “Radical Rap” Addresses Inhumane Treatment of Houseless People in Southern Humboldt

Radical Rap is a radio show on KMUD radio that runs the 2nd Wednesday of the month (most months).  You can listen live at:  http://kmud.org/programs-mainmenu-11/listen-live-kmud

Here is a link to download and hear Radical Rap from Nov. 14, 2012:  https://www.box.com/s/m6qi2q41bt3xf9g3fh75


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Every year for more than 25 years, lovers and friends of Martin Luther King Jr. have celebrated his birthday on its actual date, Jan. 15 (1929). This Saturday the 15th, the party will start at 6:00 PM at the Vet’s Hall in Garberville with a spaghetti dinner, free to all. Everyone is encouraged to bring a potluck dish as well. By 7:00 PM you can expect a little appropriate music by the SoHumsterdam Choir. The feature of the evening will be video versions of some of King’s most memorable speeches (almost any).


The event is sponsored by the Vets for Peace and donations will benefit the Southern Humboldt Poor People’s Campaign. The campaign got its start a few months back on Oct 1 protesting both the gentrification of the one time parking lot in the center of town and the fenced off “Vet’s Park,” now inappropriately named after environmentalist and political progressive Jim DeMulling.

The walkers at this campaign kick-off were mostly refugees from the Friday afternoon Peace Vigil. However, leading the walk that day were several large posters of Rev. King himself while the group sang a Bob Marley song. The Campaign was then born as a Civil Rights movement synced up suddenly across time with the last years of King as he developed the original Poor People’s Campaign.

King’s campaign was born of his comprehension of the Vietnam War as “a demonic destructive suction tube drawing men and skills and money away from the rehabilitation of the poor.” He sought to turn energy from “war to social uplift” with an inclusive coalition of poor people from environments as diverse as West Virginia, East L.A., Watts and Wounded Knee. Suddenly the unopposed triumph of the Banksters and the Corporados shows the need more than ever for a local Poor People’s Campaign to draw poor people together under a common banner. King’s “one in six” in poverty has increased to “one in five” and will soon be “one in four.”

At the beginning of winter, the Campaign had a second – “Vee Vant to Zee Yur Paperz” – protest on the day after the police “swept” Garberville and Redway. The police practiced crude profiling, stopping and questioning local poor people as suspected “transients.” Incredibly, some were asked to show papers to prove they were local.

From law enforcement’s vantage point, it was all jolly fun: a self-styled TEA Party. This “Transient Enforcement Action” included our recently elected Sheriff who strode Garberville’s main street flanked by several armed minions. “Transient Enforcement” meanwhile suggested a Building Code parallel where poor persons go out of compliance with – the what? – the Dollar Code? – if they are homeless. Individuals are then ticketed or arrested as appropriate

Unfortunately this kind of profiling is not appropriate for American people! One of the projects of the local Poor People’s Campaign is the formation of a Nomads Union to spread the word that poor people have civil rights. The Nomad’s Union hopes to go on to support people who assert these rights. As King was aware, if it was okay for Black people to have civil rights, it was okay for poor people in general to have them. Not an insurrection, but in King’s spirit, a resurrection. You don’t have to be poor to sign up, just one of the people..

So come celebrate the synchronicity of Peace and Justice in honor of Martin Luther King jr – manifesting his spirit in our local community this Saturday at 6 at the Vet’s Hall in Garberville.

Paul Encimer 707 923 4488

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Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Refuses to Comply with California Public Records Request

In 2008, while Sheriff’s made nasty raids of houseless peoples’ camps in Southern Humboldt and attacked houseless and travelling people in the day (for “crimes” like sitting under shade trees during record heat) a Southern Humboldt resident made a CA Public Records Request.

Click on the title link above to read some of the background and see the documents.

Because the Sheriff’s Dept. has failed to comply with the request, it has dragged on to now. Now that Humboldt Sheriff’s Officers are doing STREET SWEEPS and CHECKPOINTS FOR LOCAL ID (with none, you’re run out of town or arrested), they are going to have to give up lots more info in response to the request about what they are doing to people. If they don’t give it up soon, it’s going to court.

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For Immediate Release: contact Paul 707.923.4488
Oct 27, 2010.

Emerald Region Poor People’s Campaign


Once again, the rain is a sign for police action against the poor. Wed, Oct 27, camps have been raided here in SoHum. Shamefully, deputies and chp have set up checkpoints in Redway and street sweeps in Garberville as well. Those without I.D.s showing local addresses are warned to leave the area or face arrest.

Numbers of people were arrested and others issued tickets. Reportedly the police are promising 20 or more officers for Thursday, Oct. 28.

Opposed to a police state for the poor who don’t have the proper papers? Fed up with a County where the police and some hardline merchants and some hippy gentry make policy and NOT elected officials and their administrators?

This a Civil Rights issue. Poor people are the objects of an organized campaign where “homeless” is a shorthand to hate speech. As we are told repeatedly, most Americans are two paychecks (or one mortgage or rental agreement) away from, this locally criminalized “homelessness”. This an unabashed war on the poor, starting at the bottom.

The choice is obvious – to identify clearly with the Civil Rights of poor people and stand in support.

For that purpose, there will be a Poor People Solidarity Rally in downtown Garberville at noon on this Thursday, Oct 28 and again at noon on Friday.

Bring a sign, a song, a statement – in the spirit of Martin Luther King and Bob Marley. Stand up, get up, stand up for our rights.

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Every Tuesday gather in solidarity and strength. END THE WAR ON THE POOR.

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There are some, perhaps many,who think ill of the poor; some who view homeless as criminals – criminals that invade our pristine neighborhoods. It appears a fact that some care about the plight of others, and there are those who appear not to care much if at all.

Several of us have been showing up on Tuesday afternoons at our court house attempting to draw attention to such realities a police brutality, hunger, lack of shelter and such. We observe that here in Humboldt County that the majority of those passing by make it clear that they support what we are about. We receive a good deal of praise, honks, waves and such but this does not reflect the views of all. We stand at the Court House with our signs from three in the afternoon until six p.m.. Yesterday, this would prove to be the same time in which the county building and maintenance
department would choose to turn on their sprinklers and water the front lawns where we were standing with our signs. We reported this development to the board of supervisors office. No one had any recollections of sprinklers being on at this time of day on the Court House lawn. The Supervisors office contacted their building
maintenance department and asked that they be shut off and they were shut off.

I write this letter just to draw awarness to the predicament. We ask; do we have our hearts in a good place. Do we care about the plight of those less fortunate or do we see them meanly as some intrusion into our space. Perhaps we should give this subject further thought. Specifically we might question in what direction is the economy of working classes heading and not just in Humboldt County.

David H. Goggin
1686 Old Arcata Rd.
Bayside, Ca. 95524
707 8221492

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This is an Invite and Call To Action!

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So today (July 14th) the Mateel meal was held at the Vet’s park across the street from the bookstore in Garberville(because the Mateel kitchen staff is down at the reggae site). Police (Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept) arrived and told people that the Veteran’s have said they don’t want anyone sitting in the park, that they want it cleared out. People asked where they could go and there were no places. Police said they will arrest people who are sitting in town anywhere.

One of the people who cooks the Mateel meal reported that when she asked Deputy Ken Swithenbank where people could EAT, he responded, “They can go a day without food.”

A call was made by a caring resident (and business owner) in the area about the cops’ Vet’s Hall claim. The call went to Brian Ormond, who is supposedly the vet in charge, but he is out of town till Monday.

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This from Redwood Curtain CopWatch:Preserve and Return Property Taken by EPD today

From: redwood curtain copwatch  
Date: Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 9:35 PM
Preserve and Return Property Taken by EPD today
To: gnielsen@ci.eureka.ca.gov


Chief Nielsen,

J and R, a married couple, own the following property which was taken by EPD officer(s) between the hours of 3:00pm and 8:15pm today, June 8, 2010:

Grey and Blue Tent and Rainfly (new, cost $50.00)
Five blankets
1 large Stoker’s tobacco can
10 smaller cans of chewing tobacco
Full purple backpack
Full green backpack
Full long black bag with wheels
Two Mickey Mouse pillows
Two Flashlights
Prescription Medications (prescribed to R)
About 5-6 dollars in change
Clothes, feminine items, flag, other personal items
Orange and Black Daypack


You and I spoke at 8:46pm tonight about this matter. This email is further notice that the Eureka Police Department [EPD] must be sure to preserve the above property, belonging to J and R, and return it to them on request- swiftly, without hassle or intimidation. You assured me that no one would be retaliated against or intimidated when they go to retrieve their property.


It is my understanding (which I expressed to you on the phone) that EPD officers took the property of *other *people today. It is unconscionable and violates International Law and U.S. and California Constitutional Law for officers to steal, destroy, or otherwise violate the property/possessionsof people as they did today and do on a regular basis.A camping ordinance neither makes it legal nor humane for police to steal the only warmth, survival gear, and other personal possessions that people have.


I also informed you tonight over the phone that EPD officers tell many people when they take their possessions, that they will be trashing and/or destroying the possessions they are taking. Other times, the police do not hesitate to destroy tents and other survival gear right there in front of the owner(s), leaving them with nothing- no protection from the elements, etc. You indicated in our phone communication tonight that EPD inventories and puts into “property” the things EPD officers take from people.


Thank you for your immediate attention to the matter of preserving the property of J and R, and anyone else who’s possessions were taken today- and in the future. Likely, more people will be coming to claim property if it is stolen by EPD.


Kimberly Starr


Note from Redwood Curtain CopWatch:  Names of people who’s property was stolen have been omitted to prevent retaliation from Eureka Police officers

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