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Capitalism relies upon the existence of houseless and homeless people so that there is always a willing work force. People saying “I don’t wanna be in THAT situation” will do ANY work, go to war, anything.

Because workers have all the power, being that they can shut all this shit down, stop running the machine, stop fighting the wars… capitalism requires they be separated systematically from houseless people (which includes many veterans).

Perhaps one of the most powerful alliances would be working class housed people and houseless and homeless people. Powerful and Resourceful.

So, the system has a huge interest in making sure there are houseless people and that working housed people despise houseless people, to keep the system running. Keep that willing work and war force, and make sure the real powers don’t team up together.

Verbena, May 17 2011

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These photos are from April 20, 2010.

Sleep Is a Human Right -and NECESSITY!

In the Rain

Decriminalize Houselessness

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